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Mixed Use

It looks like Meatball's room is going to be an office/nursery for at least a little while. In a sub-800 sq. ft. 2-bedroom apartment your options are limited. We will probably get rid of the second desk and make one combined computer nerd/craft nerd station. This leaves us with space (we think) for a changing table/drawer unit, crib, and comfy chair. To map this out we used the most high tech tools available to us: a tape measure and Excel. You can see our results below. It certainly isn't scale blueprints but it's a start.

Current Configuration (Pre-Meatball) Current Configuration

Possible Configuration (Post-Meatball) Possible Configuration

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i think 'comfy chair' should have a rockin' element as well. not like, rockin' but ya know, rocking. actually it could be rockin' too - nevermind. it's too early.



Isn't it fun planning for your new baby? I remember how thrilled we were anticipating your birth, Daniel. In fact, Dad called you Daniel during the entire pregnancy, even though we didn't know if you were going to be a boy or a girl.

Crazy sister breathing to much humidity:

I have no intelligent contribution, just that you absolutley crack me up!
putting a blue print of you room ideas!

Are there book shelves above the desk? could this area be turned into a pole closet. (two long boards with a pole between)yes clothes hanging above your desk, but they are short and will be for a while, sitting they would not disturb you, yet still low enough to be grabbed when you standing.


try fitting all that in a closet!!!


Hahah I noticed you kept the desk color the original Dan's desk color. Totally subliminal.

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