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New Tricks

Recently there have been a couple fun new tricks that Dayla does.

#1. She, just in the last few days, can sit up like a pro. Daniel even attempts to push her to the side (yes..in a loving gentle way) and she still sits up like a champ.

#2. Also, she has just figured out that if she blows out while eating she makes a funny noise. As you can probably imagine, blowing out while I am trying to put food in her mouth does not make for a clean baby, or a clean mommy. I can't help but laugh when she does it though, and I am sure that probably doesn't help.

#3. My favorite by far is that she likes to use her feet to help her hold her bottle. Monkey baby! It really is too funny.

#1 Sitting Up

#2 Food Everywhere

#3 Monkey Baby

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Auntie Kristy:

I can't stand it. So....dang...cute.

nina nina:

love how the bib says lovely girl and she's got food everywhere!


Oh my gosh, the monkey baby is so cute! I don't think Haley could do that if she wanted to :) Love the pic of her sitting up too! You guys are such good photographers


way too cute! i love how happy she looks with food all over her face.


Holy Cow, she is getting cuter by the day. I absolutely love the photo of her sitting up. Great shot!

Aunt Nicole:

okay now that is awesome! thats making full use of all available extremities. those pictures are something to keep for the 8th grade graduation slide show!

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