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Words words and more words

I stole this idea from my friend Kristy because it was such a great idea!

Dayla is a bundle of words and conversation right now, and like every stage so far, I love this one more than the last. I simply LOVE the stage of new words and sentences! As words come the frustration diminishes, but to me the best part is getting to see her little personality emerge. And honestly, I adore this spirited little girl's personality.

Some conversations we have had recently:

D: Mama, stuck.
(I look over to see that she has her finger in her nose...we have been talking about "buggers" recently and how they are stuck in your nose)
M: Do you have a bugger that is stuck?
D: No mama. Finger in nose. Stuck.

Another one:

(Upon getting ready to read books for the evening, Dayla goes to sit on my lap but I haven't quite gotten it in cross-legged position yet)
D: Uh oh Mama!
M: What is wrong Dayla?
D: (pointing to my lap) It's broken!

An old one we had some time ago, but I have to record here:

Dayla points to my bible
M: Do you know what that is?
D: Mama's book
M: Do you know what it is called?
D: Bible
M: GOOD! Do you know what it is about?
D: Coffee

(I guess she knows the two things that are important to me every day...the bible and coffee!)


Dayla likes to put together her "tato head" and the other day was no different. Upon finishing her masterpiece she says,
D: Mama picture tato please
M: You want a picture of Mr. Potato Head?
D: Yes
(so I reach for our point and shoot camera)
D: No mama! Big camera. Tato wants big camera.
(so there you have it...she knows that the big camera is for the important pictures!)

So of course I had to take a picture:

I am sure there will be many more fun conversations with this girl and I can't wait to have them all.

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Grandma Sundin:

That was fabulous! Dayla is definitely smart & funny. After seeing Dayla the last two weekends, I'm really missing her this weekend. Give her a big hug & kiss for me. Thanks!


Love the stories, especially the one about the Bible and coffee!


what a character! gotta love that girl!


I love the Dayla quotes! She's so cute and very funny! I love that she wanted your 'big' camera, love the potato head, and love her Mexico dress in the background!

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