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Merry Christmas!

Sure, we never finished the other half of our Thanksgiving blog....but that is how life goes with having little ones, isn't it? I have a lot more half finished things around the house then I ever imagined I would. But I am learning to let go and just enjoy this time in our lives.

So...here we are at Christmas!

Every year for the Sundin Family Christmas letter, we get the clan together for a family photo. For the past couple years we have been lucky enough to snag the help of a very talented photographer friend, Chris. A few months ago Daniel and I realized that the last time we have had a family photo taken of the 3 of us has been...well...since Dayla was very tiny. I guess that is what happens when you find yourself behind the camera at most events/functions/get together's. So this year, right before snagging the photo of the whole clan, we were bold enough to ask Chris to get a family portrait of the 3 of us! I am SO glad we did! Here are the ones we got:

Merry Christmas to you and Happy New Year!

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Look at the gorgeous blue eyes on that family! Love it! Great pictures. Happy holiday season to the Sundin family!


Even with a silly face, she's still a BEAUTIFUL girl...and so is her Mama! Happy New Year to the Sundins!

Grandma Sundin:

Love my family!!! You are all so cute & fun to be with.

nina nina:

not true, all three of you were in your halloween pic! and how come i dont get one of these xmas letters ever?

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