All In A Day’s Work

Today we cuddled and snuggled and I made sure to slow down and soak it in. Today you had a tantrum over watching a video and whined over the fact that something wasn’t in the exact place you wanted it. Today you called the crust of bread “it’s jacket”. Today we painted your toenails for […]


Sometimes we are just awash with gratefulness. There can be a whole slew of things that can set this off, some good, some tragic. Nothing significant has happened that I can think of, but for some reason today, I am overcome with gratefulness.

Maybe it was spending the weekend with Jen, a friend from 3rd […]

Tabby Turns Three with Fairy Style

It feels funny to be doing a post that is all about Tabby’s birthday party….but if you were to ask Dayla who her “best” or “favorite” friend is, she would still respond without any hesitation, “Tabby” (and as long as she could talk has had the same answer). In fact when I tell her that […]

Busy Busy Bee Leads to …Stay-cation!

April was busy. Busy busy. From Easter, to birthday parties, to family in town, to lots of work for both Daniel and I, it was a busy month. Though I will say, Daniel and I both felt it was the kind of busy that neither of us could complain about; the kind of busy that […]

Grandpa and Nana Come To Town!

One of the benefits to having the visits from Grandpa and Nana so few and far between is that when they come it feels really special. That and it is so fun to realize how different Dayla is each time they see her, really see her growth through their eyes.

This was the first time […]