All the Fun You Can Have With Water

Last Sunday was a scorcher in Poway. It was also a day just made for relaxing since the prior day was Dayla’s mega birthday bash at our place. Being lazy out back turned into water fun time due to a bag of 150 water balloons from the 99 cents store. This may seem obious to […]

Three Years

Three years ago today, our world changed. Rocked. Filled up. Overflowed with love. Changed in all the best ways.

My Dayla bear, my monkey, my baby, my love….my Dayla,

Recently I had someone say to me that they thought motherhood has been hard for me. At first I was offended. I mean, did I […]

A Different Kind of Day

Most days I run on some sort of adrenaline or stress, or combination of both. I am a doer. I LOVE checking things off lists and making sure I have full days. I think in a way it is a rush for me. So that is how most of my days go, errands, volunteering, […]

Lake Poway

Poway, our new city, has tons of great outdoor areas for roaming around. Based purely on a Google map listing Dayla and I went to check out Lake Poway. It’s just a little man made lake with grassy hills, picnic benches, and some kid’s toys. At sunset it’s really beautiful and peaceful though. Dayla and […]