Deeper. Chapter Two. [Personal Reflections on a Personal Struggle During a Personal Season of Life]

Sometimes I think about how life is so different now, as we broadcast our lives on these proverbial pages. I wonder what my grandmother would have thought about it all. Back in the day we relied on gossip if anything, but how most respected people kept all their skeletons tucked safely away for no one […]

Our Chicken Chronicles

Anyone who has talked to us in the last 3 months knows that we are keeping nice and busy! The new house has lots of moving-in and projects that we are still tackling, but the best part that is keeping us busy is some projects that we have always dreamed of doing (apartment […]

Dayla Chatter Continues…And Another (RARE) Ponytail!

[Another thing I want to right down, mostly just so I remember. It melts my heart every day, and who knows who long it will continue.]

We play a little game, Dayla and I, where we “argue” who loves who more. It is a bit reflective of that story with the bunnies Guess […]

Dayla Chatter

I keep thinking of Bill Cosby’s “Kids Say the Darndest Things” these days. Dayla is starting to really figure out language. She plays with it daily (“Mama, wanna hear something funny? Bunckle Bockle Flud”) while laughing uncontrollably at her strange word concoctions. She also still messes up a couple words (a computer “scream” instead of […]