Our Backyard Shenanigans: Making a Backyard

There are many Saturdays I laugh at us. We are just eating up this whole “having our own house” thing. Most of my laughing fits are brought on by how we have fallen right into the stereotype “man” and “wife” since having a house. I find myself baking up a storm many days out of […]

Halloween and Trick or Treating Fun

Trick or Treating with Dayla this year was probably one of my favorite parent moments to date. Being in a neighborhood, watching the hundreds of kids run door to door in costume, seeing neighbors come out dressed in costumes with candy in hand for the kids, the decorations, the “haunted house” and the fast filling […]

Slowing Down

The pile of unread emails became unmanageable, the phone calls un-returned became vast, and my poor little Dayla started to reflect my stress level. So this last week, just at the height of my busiest business season, I knew it was time to do something I barely know how to do, something that I am […]