When I was learning to paint, I remember having many tear filled moments. I wanted to paint realism. I wanted to paint what I saw, but I never could get it on paper the way that I wanted it to look, God just didn’t gift me with the talent of realism. There were two things […]

4th of July!

Since moving to our house in Poway, we have been over and over again amazed, pleased and have completely fallen in love with our new city. It has a small town feel but with all the conveniences of a big city. It is the perfect balance of big and small: people who say “hi” to […]

Learning About Baby

When we first told Dayla about “a baby inside mommy’s tummy” it was a bit anti-climatic. She just looked at us and said “okay” and walked away, continuing to tell stories about her toys. We didn’t expect much more, but it was a bit strange when it actually was so anti-climatic. The next day her […]