Sebastian’s Trip to the E.R.

I can’t help but wonder if he will always be a fighter and I can’t help but wonder if his life will continue to remind us what a miracle he is. From conception, to his birth story, to 9 days old in the ER with an infection that could have cost his life, this little […]

Well Wishers

I want to have a new baby every week. The sheer amount of emails, texts, Facebook messages and hospital visits is awesome.

Several friends have come to visit us here and Dayla has come with Grandma & Papa a few times.

This is how Ginette spent much of her time in the hospital: holding […]

Sharing Sebastian

Dayla showing Sebastian the greeting video she made for him

Sebastian has been with us for barely 12 hours and has already met quite a few family and friends. It’s great getting visitors in the hospital. We were especially excited to introduce him to his proud big sister Dayla.

On the way to the hospital I recorded this quick video of Dayla saying hello to […]

A New Meatball Arrives


Welcome to this world Sebastian Victor Sundin. You rolled in on a rare 8-digit palindrome day 11-02-2011, for which I am grateful. It’s important to establish nerd cred early. You also made it very clear that you would be challenging your tall father (and even taller uncle Keith) in the size department.

21.5 inches long, […]