80% Good News

Yesterday Dayla was a total pill. The kind of terrible that tests the strength of every cord of patience you have in your body. If you are a parent, you know the kind of days I am talking about. It was THAT kind of day.

Today Sebastian lay strapped on a table in the hospital […]

Baby Buddies

Four years ago when we announced at our “Young Families” bible study that I was pregnant with Dayla, I was a bit surprised when two other girls said, “Me too!” Four babies all due within a month…and Tabby just a few months earlier (and Kaitlyn just a few months later…but not pictured below since she […]


Fall is almost over. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Praise and Prayer Request Again. What We Hope Is the Final Chapter.

I really feel like God continues to answer our prayers and I can’t begin to express the comfort and joy that gives me! For all of you out there covering our family in love, phone calls, emails, messages, and prayers…..THANK YOU. Here is our most recent update for Sebastian:


The recap/summary from today’s […]

Big Sister

She doesn’t shower him with affection every second or even every day…

…and she gets annoyed when his cry is too loud and interrupts her videos…

…but on the first day we brought him to her school, she asked me to stay so she could show her brother to all her […]

Our Answered Prayer and Prayer Request Continued…

As I drove away from the hospital for the third time in one month, I felt nothing but comfort. It was like God was wrapping His arms around me. My heart and mind felt still; peaceful. If you have ever felt this feeling, you know that it is a peace and comfort that is different […]