Just Another Sunny Day

Last Thursday we had the world’s sunniest January day.

I promised ice cream.

That means we spent 2 hours killing time in the front yard waiting for the ice cream truck to come….and that lead to a whole lot of:

Dancing in the street….

…in pajamas and rain boots

Playing with our neighbor […]

Baby vs. Baby

Comparing. It is just in our nature. We compare ourselves to others….and yes…we can’t help but compare siblings to each other. Do they look alike, act alike, talk alike? I know that one of 5 girls in my family, there was a lot of comparing going on.

The whole comparing babies thing is a super […]

He Is Gonna Be a Soccer Player…

Recently many of my mommy friends noted that if we thought back to the baby days and toddler days of our kids, we were surprised that our children had actually displayed much of their current personalities from the beginning. Then to top that off, today I read the story I wrote about Dayla’s birth here. […]

And His Name Will Be….

Almost 3 months before Dayla was born we announced her name. With our little man it was more like 3 days. Naming him was one of the most arduous tasks Daniel and I have taken on as a married couple. Picking a name for a person, a name they will carry the rest of their […]

In Bed

Someone wants to be like his big sister….so he just hopped up into her bed.

Someone is Smiling

First smile: December 19, 2011

January 2012: Sebastian’s smiles are making hearts melt over and over again.

My personal favorite…your cool guy smile:

Some say you are a serious baby…but I think you just are saving your smiles for us.

Love you Sebastian!


A Drawing. A Note. A Cup of Coffee.

My Dayla.

I left early this morning to take brother to the doctor; you on the computer playing games and Daddy in bed slipping in and out of awake. I asked you to be good to Daddy, as I always request when I leave. You seemed indifferent to the request as you do most times, […]