Dayla and Bash

Foundation of Love

Dayla’s love and affection for Sebastian melts my heart on a daily basis. And it is not just one sided! Sebastian tracked Dayla’s voice before he tracked ours. He stops crying for her just as fast as he does for me (if not faster). I keep waiting for the ball to drop, for her to […]

Minnesota Nice. Sebastian’s First Plane Trip.

It was a bit of a whim really, but all the pieces just seemed to line up so perfectly. I am on maternity leave from work (so I have the time), the dates worked for them, the tickets were cheap (since it is COLD there), Sebastian is the perfect traveling age, and it has been […]

Second Child

Although I had heard it was possible, I definitely doubted I could love another as much as I love Dayla, but it is true. My heart has grown twice the size and it overflows with love for our little guy.


The joy I had as a first time parent was overwhelming. So much […]


Daniel decided it would be fun for the kids to have a clubhouse and I loved the idea! Turns out that he and I saw the term “clubhouse” very differently though. What I thought would be a small little platform turned into a small HOUSE. As Daniel slowly built it over the month of January, […]