Too Much

It was although I was watching the climax moment of the world’s best love story at Sundance Film Festival. We met up with Daddy for a lunch at Souplantation, a special treat after a fun school day, but when it was time to say goodbye and head home little did I know what would happen […]

In a Tent!

Sebastian in a tent!

God Listens: Another Sebastian Update.

Even though I have pretty much always known about God, there are still times when I doubt that He hears my prayers. I mean I BELIEVE in God, but there are days when it is hard not to think, “Really, you’re listening to ME?” I love sharing that with you because I also get to […]

Doll Bash

We just couldn’t resist; he is the same size as the doll Dayla got…and he just fit so perfectly!


Wild Animal Park…Butterflies

Dayla’s friend Katelynn invited us to go the the Wild Animal Park to see the butterfly exhibit for Katelynn’s birthday. It was the first time we had ever been to see the butterfly exhibit…and it was so much fun!

A rare portrait of my camera shy Dayla



We hosted Easter this year for Daniel’s family and it was so much fun! I remember as a kid that my parents always hosted Easter and I always loved it.

I am hopeful that this will continue to be a tradition for us too!

Handsome little Sebastian in his Easter outfit

Of course […]

Dying Eggs

We had a lot of fun dying eggs this year…I think it will be a yearly tradition from now on.