Brotherly-Sisterly Love

I LOVE having two kids. I cannot tell you how many days (and how many times each day) I thank God for this blessing. And the by far the BEST part about it by far is how much they adore each other right now.


goes in his room each time he wakes up so […]

Life Around Here

I LOVE summer. This summer has been cooler than usual, which just means it has been even more awesome than usual. Here are just some of the things we were up to this June:

Sebastian found the play kitchen in the beginning of June and now he loves (I mean LOVES) playing there every day:


The Garden 2012

This is our second year with the garden. I have officially realized this year that I am NOT into gardening, so pretty much everything you see is thanks to my amazing husband. I do love the harvesting though…and walking out every day and seeing it. Just these pictures give me the world’s biggest smile.

An […]


The first weekend of June we went camping; the first night it was just us as a family of four (and it was awesome) and the second day there were 9 adults and 12 kids in three sites (equally as awesome with a huge dash of crazy and chaotic). The camp grounds were beautiful, the […]


Since we have bought our house it seems like it is a least once a week that Daniel will go to Home Depot. Often times Dayla accompanies him to give mom a break (love my husband). The last time he went, Dayla wanted to make his list for him. The colors listed are the color […]

4th of July

Fourth of July was awesome. My two sisters, Therese and Nicole, and Dayla’s cousin Adriana came down for the day to enjoy the local festivities here. It was a beautiful 75 degrees (instead of the 95 degrees last year was) and we had a blast at Old Poway Park once again. $1 snow cones, period […]

Sebastian’s Photo Shoot

When Dayla was little I wasn’t the owner of a photography business like I am now. In fact it was her sweetness that made me want to open the business and capture other people’s little angels for them.

Although we took a ton of pictures of Dayla, I was always a little sad that I […]