God Listens Part Two: Yet Another Sebastian Update

Sebastian’s last urology appointment left me speechless. Shocked. I have asked you for prayer time and time again, yes YOU, all of you out there…

this time God said “yes”.

God hears all of our prayers, every single one. He answers them all too. He finally said YES to our prayer. YES YES YES. Thank […]

5 Years Old


I can’t believe you are five years old. So much of you is a “big girl”; you have the sass and the drama of a teenager already and have already slammed your first door and threatened to never love me again. I have to tell you: I may tease you about all that some […]

A Party Fit For a Princess- Dayla’s 5th Birthday Party

This year was a bit different: she really wanted her OWN party, and she really wanted it to be a PINK PRINCESS PARTY. Of course if you were at my baby shower for her (where I requested that nothing be pink or girl-y) you know that eyes rolled a bit when she requested a pink […]

Tooth Fairy

Dayla lost her first tooth! On August 7th her first baby tooth fell out and mom spent the night making a little tooth bag to put under her pillow.

We decided a while ago that we were not going to pretend that the Tooth Fairy is real, but knowing how much fun it is […]


A warm night; my favorite kind of night. She wanted to ride her bike in her bathing suit and her brother and I were happy to sit on the curb and watch. We all soaked in the last parts of the day as we waited for Daddy to come home. It was everything I love […]

The Perfect Storm

Daniel is the photographer for a big corporate event this week, an event that he needed to rent some camera gear for. Of course, if you know us at all, you will know that Daniel chose to rent some pretty great gear.

Now the night he brought the camera home to pack for his trip, […]