The First Birthday Party

Sebastian, you love dirt and books. LOVE THEM. You are all boy. If you are outside then you are all smiles and the minute we pick you up to bring you inside you are throwing your head back, arching your back, stiffening your body into full tantrum status.

What better for a first birthday […]

Sebastian Turns One

A year ago you came into the world, all 10 pounds 11oz of you. What a day; a day I will never forget.

Two years ago this month, I had finally given up hoping for another baby to enter my life. After two years of hoping for a brother or sister for Dayla, after two […]

Happy Halloween!

When Dayla wanted to go as Ariel from the Little Mermaid I tired to contain my excitement…cause you know what that meant Sebastian had to be? We got a lobster costume from a friend (Sebastian in the Little Mermaid is actually a crab) and called it close enough.

First Ariel sings on her rock…