A couple days ago we had rain and I let Dayla and Sebastian go out and play in it. When Dayla was little she would go out in the rain, but age has brought some distaste to it…but with school this year we have had to learn to walk in it and not get too […]

A Wooden Stand AND The World’s Best Game

Daniel made a stand for his new tool. But before it was introduced to the garage, it definitely had to be enjoyed a bit first:


Life in Pictures

One of the best things about having an iPhone is the fact that I always have a camera and a video recorder on me. Here are some of the pictures that I was able to capture.

Real life…

We found a tarantula in our backyard

This is the […]

Car Wash

This is what the kids “get” to do when dad’s in charge.

First Introduction to Rain

This is Sebastian’s first introduction to rain. Note that since we are in San Diego, it is not cold, and yes, yes he is barefoot. That is how we roll.


Bath Time

Baths are hit or miss with you. Sometimes it is a fight, nails digging into the floor the whole way, and sometimes you love it and laugh in there like it is the most magical place in the world.

I love it when it is the latter.

There was a day recently when […]


Back in September we had some unseasonably warm days. There were several of those days that I packed a picnic lunch, picked up Dayla from school, and headed to the beach for a couple hours. It was not like “me” at all to want to go to the beach or to be spontaneous like that, […]

Sliding Sliding Sliding

With the busy-ness of Dayla’s school always ruling our days and our naps schedules I don’t take Sebastian to the park very much. On the way up to Whittier we stopped at a park for a quick rest and Sebastian had his first slide experience….and I think he was pretty thrilled. We will have to […]


One of the things I have personally been working on in my life is trying to be more thankful. Dayla and I talk about being thankful a lot; I think defaulting to thankful is hard for both of us.

Right before Thanksgiving we had our neighbor Mya over for the day and the girls […]

Self Portraits With The Littles

The best part of my day is when they let me snuggle them. I guess I just wanted to make a point to capture and record my favorite part of motherhood. I am so blessed to have these two.