A Note

The other day Dayla and I were just having one of THOSE days. It was just one of those days that we seemed to be butting heads over nothing. If you have children, especially a daughter that is somewhat like you, I have a feeling you know the kind of day I am talking about.


Tea Party

Usually Dayla and I do tea parties when Sebastian is sleeping…you know…since he is the baby brother and all.

The other day Sebastian came out from his nap and saw all the tea party things out. He wanted to know what it was all about. Dayla agreed to let him participate in her next […]


Back in November I met a girl whose husband works at Disneyland. In conversation she mentioned if I ever wanted to get in for free, just to let her know. I told her not to joke about such things, as Disney is SO expensive, and that kind of offer is bound to make a girl […]

A Princess and Her Prince

Saw this tonight….and it made my heart so happy. I know it won’t be forever…so I want to soak it in now.

She is Daddy’s girl. A princess and her prince.

A Red Barn Comes to Our Farm

Daniel and I had talked about how fun it would be to paint our shed/office to look like a barn. Well, I talked about it a few months ago..and this week Daniel DID it. Love that guy.

I am loving the way the peach blossoms look against the red. I have taken to opening […]

Life Around Here

Just a couple “a day in the life” pictures of Dayla that make me smile.