“Photo Journey” by: Dayla

Dayla has always known I was a photographer for my “job”, but I think seeing me in action in her classroom for the Letter Book Project has brought her awareness and interest of what I do to a whole new level.

For the past few months she has been asking to borrow our point […]

My Summer Garden

My summer garden had been planted. Here are some pictures around the garden.


Garden Road School’s Country Fair

I remember when I started management, one of my mentor managers said to me, “My favorite thing about restaurant management is that it is a job that is different everyday. You never know what to expect.” I too loved that about my job. I love to be on my toes and challenged constantly.

Then one […]


When Dayla was just over two years old, there was a day that brought me much joy, all because of some balloons.

I brought home balloons from a photo shoot and they were starting to deflate, but Dayla got a kick out of jumping on top of them and loved all the funny sounds […]

Coffee Break

This is what coffee breaks look like when I work from home.


A little bit of food and grease in the hair tonight after dinner made the perfect styling gel.

Flower Fields

I have the joy and gift of being able to go on four retreats this year! Crazy…yes. While I was gone at this last retreat, Daniel’s mom came and met him and the kids at the Carlsbad Flower Fields. Daniel’s mom tries to go every year…and the kids have a blast. Here are some of […]

Letter Books

For Dayla’s classrooom this year, one of the things I have been helping her teacher with is making photo alphabet books. Each week they learn a new letter, then I go around with the kids and take pictures of some things in the classroom that start with that letter. That Friday I have the book […]