This Morning’s Colorful Harvest

Mrs. Gosen

I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher, or a more perfect teacher for our Dayla for her first year at Garden Road as a “Pepper”. Not only did she know exactly what to say, and how to not let Dayla walk all over her, she taught me a lot of things too (like how […]

Tea Parties

There is a lot of things I am not good at as a mom… but impromptu tea parties for Dayla and a friend? I am feeling pretty good at that one.


The other day our neighbors handed down a rocket to Sebastian that their son Adam used to play with. We were so excited to have it passed to us! It is a pretty awesome little rocket….and Sebastian is CRAZY about it. All I have to do is say, “Do you want to go ride your […]


Summer is almost here…I can smell it in the air. I love summer so much. I love the warm nights and the joy and the splashing in the pool. I love it.

For my bible study the other day I needed and easel so I got my old one out of the attic. Dayla […]


Watching Tangeled together: