Goodbye Volvo

I can still remember when we were dating in college and Daniel told me that his dream car was a saffron 1998 Volvo V70R; my dream car was a sports car. I was so surprised/shocked/amazed/dumbfounded that his dream car was a “family car”, but I also fell in love with that little tidbit about him.



Ice Skating

I have no doubt that this will be one of my fondest memories from this summer.

Daniel bought a large blow up pool this summer and to say that the kids have been LOVING IT is a huge understatement. If it wasn’t killing our lawn to have a blow up pool on it, I […]


I know I have shared it before, but painting is one of the most precious things to me.

My mom in her past life was a painter (and a very talented one!) and I still remember the joy I felt the first time I painted…and the way my heart leapt with delight every time […]

Dayla’s Cooking

Working at home today. Dayla brought this snack that she made ALL BY HERSELF out to my office. I had to eat one in front of her.

Our Animal Lover

So back in February Sebastian started spending time with the chickens pretty regularly…and it has gotten worse. Dayla is an animal tolerater…other kids I know seem to either like animals or really like animals… Sebastian…he LOVES them. I think he is officially an ANIMAL LOVER.

A couple months ago we were at a park and […]

Wedding Season

This June Daniel and I not only got the invitation to shoot another wedding together (Congratulations Stephanie and Glenn! We love you both and had so much fun!!), the weekend after we got to go as guests to two weddings (both Daniel’s cousins)!

It was so fun not only to be a part of […]

Train Table

Daniel has gotten in the hobby of building things. It is fun to watch him so passionate about his new hobby and fun to watch my house fill up with beautiful new things!

The other day we got some hand-me-down trains from Grandma, so Daniel thought it was only appropriate to build a train table […]

Fourth of July

This year we celebrated fourth of July with s’mores (Sebastian’s first one!) and watching the fire works from the top of our roof. It was perfect.


Side By Side

19 month side by side. Dayla on the left, Bash on the right. I still think they look different (mama knows), but I guess I can see why everyone keeps telling me they look alike.