Dayla’s 6th Birthday Party

I have contemplated more than once not doing the over the top, crazy, elaborate, birthday parties, but the truth is I love it. I learned when Dayla turned 5 that if I gave Dayla less say and I just surprised her with all the details, it was way more fun for both of us. It […]

Cooking with Sebastian

This little man takes after his daddy. He LOVES to cook. From helping me out in the kitchen when I bake to the hours he can spend in his little red pretend kitchen. Here are some pictures of when he was helping me shred zucchini and another day where he spent all morning in his […]


Sebastian takes his relaxing very seriously.

At the Park

The other day Daniel celebrated his birthday by having a poker night with the guys. That meant the kids and I got out of the house for dinner. We went to the park, ate a picnic dinner, and stopped on the way home to watch the sunset for a bit. It wasn’t anything more than […]

Winds of Change. First Day of Kindergarten and First Salon Haircut

Over the years I have had many many times where I looked at your kids happy pictures as they went back to school, or rode amusement park rides for the first time, or got a new haircut, or met a new friend, or got a new outfit. I have seen many of your happy moments […]


The other night we walked from the library to the park and back, and when we passed the skate park….someone was VERY mesmerized.

Had to carry him away crying after about 20 minutes of watching, but I love to see him start to develop interests in things! It is so fun to see […]


Some friends come and go, but some stay for a lifetime and when you get together it feels like time hasn’t passed at all. The Higgins family will always be the latter for us, I am sure of it.

Just one snap of the girls at the beach during a short visit from Beth. […]

10 Years of Marriage

I can’t believe it has been 10 years. I want to write about today so that 10 years from now I can remember how I am feeling today…  


I still remember the way I felt on our wedding day. Giddy. LUCKY. Blessed. In awe that God would have brought such a man […]


Dayla loves to dance…and she LOVES to pretend to be a ballerina (she would tell you that she IS a ballerina).

I always thought having a girl would mean ballet classes, but since our girl doesn’t ever want her hair to be up (a pre-requisite for every ballet class we have looked into) we […]

Playing Together

Nothing brings more smiles to my face, more joy to my heart, then when our two little monkeys play together. Sebastian adores Dayla and Dayla is quite possibly the world’s best big sister to him.