Sebastian, in his short life, is showing an affinity to sports, so for his second birthday I asked for sports equipment. This is him hitting a baseball. I love these pictures so much it kills me.


Laundry Help

Some kids love to help….and are actually quite helpful. Or there is my Dayla…this is how she “helped” with laundry.

Yep, those are my clothes and Sebastian’s clothes she has on. Oh well, at least she keeps me smiling!


Happy 2nd Birthday Sebastian!

Sebastian, you stole our hearts from the first day we met you. Dayla prayed for a little brother almost every night for two years…and you will always be our answered prayer. From day one you have been mellow and laid back. Now that you are two years old you are also showing us that you […]

Play Dough Food

Sebastian loves playing with play dough and cooking in the kitchen…and I think his enthusiasm is rubbing off on his older sister a bit these days. After bringing us a menu (that she made!) to order from, she whipped these little meals up.


Halloween Party

Since Sebastian is our second child, his birthday parties are going to be a little different. You see, I realized with Dayla that the over-the-top party’s I like to throw are completely lost on children under 5. So Sebastian and his little sibling will have the short end of the stick when they look back […]


I am helping out with the yearbook for Dayla’s school this year, which means I am helping out with taking a lot of pictures. For Halloween I dropped off Sebastian at a friends house and got to spend lots of time capturing the Halloween parade. It was such fun.

As it turns out, the […]