Sebastian Shaves

Sebastian is going through a phase where he wants to be JUST like his daddy. When I saw this shaving kit at Walmart, I just couldn’t resist. Now he can shave just like daddy.


Sebastian and Friends

It is interesting to me how a second child’s life is so different than the first child’s. Most of Sebastian’s days consist of tagging along to his sister’s activities and hanging out with his sister and her friends.

Just recently however, Sebastian has been putting his toe into the pool of friendship…and it is […]

Reunited for Retreat

When we met, not one of us had children. Now we all have 3 or 4 or even 5 that we call our own.

It amazes me to think back to those first years of Young Married’s bible study, as God shaped and molded our group, and then got us all pregnant within months of […]

A Park Life

In January we started going to parks a lot. I don’t know why…maybe because Sebastian is at the age where he no longer wants to be cooped up at home anymore….or maybe because he and Dayla are playing together so well and just laughing up a storm anywhere we go…or maybe because I am grumpy […]