New Chicks Join Our Roost

A few weekends ago we had a bit of a shock.

Daniel was working in the backyard on a Saturday…and our neighbor’s husky jumped her fence and wandered over into our backyard. Like any smart husky would, she immediately saw the coop full of stuck dinner…I mean chickens…and had her go. I am so […]

Memorial Day BBQ

Apparently having a third baby is no where as exhausting and overwhelming as having a first baby. That or I felt really bad for my extrovert husband who was dying to have a Memorial Day BBQ and see people. Either way….we hosted a Memorial Day BBQ…with a one month old baby in tow…and had lots […]

One Month Old

August. You are one month old. I personally think it is too early to tell, but so far you are quite a mellow and fun little guy.


I love watching the kids sleep. Why is it that all the frustrations of parenthood seem to melt away when you gaze at them sleeping? They just seem so innocent and perfect; it is easy to love them and forgive them in that moment. And I can’t help but hope that is how God sees […]

Even MORE Visitors

Aunt Kristy just couldn’t wait to meet little August (love that!) so she drove on down with Grandma and her two girls to get some baby snuggles.

Violet wanted to hold August first…

Then Maggie…

At last Auntie Kristy got some snuggles in…

And of course her obligatory baby eating photo.. […]

Baby Vs. Baby

As someone who loves to play the “Who does baby look like?” game, I totally get those of you who do it too. The number one question in August’s first two weeks of life is: “Does August look like Dayla and Sebastian?” Well, I won’t tell you what I think…come see for yourself!

Top to […]

More Visitors

One of the coolest parts about August coming early was that Nana and Grandpa were able to meet him. What we thought would be a visit at the end of my pregnancy ended up being a visit to a week old little August. God planned it all just so perfectly.

It was so fun to […]

First Bath

Yesterday I gave August his first sink bath. I think I over did the bubbles…but he was perfectly content.

Dayla As A Big Sister

If you ask Dayla how she likes being a big sister, chances are she will give you a coy look or will hide behind me as I answer the question for her. The truth of the matter is, she loves it.

It is so fun to see how different she is this time….2.5 years […]

Church Kids

I had to bring the camera to church today to snap some portraits. After service, when most of the people had left, Daniel started taking pictures of our kids…and unlike usual…they were into it…and their sillies came out. Big time.

I love the shots he got. I love these kids.