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Two Months Old

August, you are only two months old, yet it feels like you has been with us forever. You fit in with us just perfectly.

Happy Two Months little guy. We love you so much.

Last Day of Kindergarten

Looking forward to a fun summer with my sweet girl!

Dino Show

Mrs. Pon loves to have the kids put on shows. One of her favorites is the “Dino Show” at the end of the year. It was fun to see Dayla up on stage singing with everyone!


Garden 2014

There is something about seeing those first veggies start to pop out in the beginning of summer that is truly…just…incredible.


Garlic Picking

One of the most mystifying and concurrently frustrating things about kids is their desire to participate in something. For example, if Daniel and I try to convince them of participating in something, sell it up, give a million reasons why it is going to be AWESOME….no one wants to join in. But if we try […]

Newborn Pictures

When Dayla was born I wasn’t a photographer yet. When we had Sebastian I was so excited to have my very own newborn model. I planned all sorts of poses and props and pictured myself photographing him day after day. The first time I tried to photograph him I learned WHY it is better to […]