Today I looked in the mirror and I found myself thankful for my wrinkles and grey hairs that have been slowly appearing over the last couples years. For the first time in my life, I see that growing old is a gift.

Ah perspective.


If you want perspective too, read this.


Today she wanted to model for a picture. For years she has done nothing but scream when I want to take her picture, but today she wanted to model.

What a beauty inside and out.

Brotherly Love


Sebastian noticed you today for the first time. Don’t be sad, he has known you were here. If I ask, “Where is August?” he will point to you, but he is also just really good at not being interested in what you are doing and tuning you out when you are crying. Don’t […]


Just look at this face. I could just die.

3 Months Old

  3 months old. I couldn’t get one without you crying this month…although you are still as cute as ever.  


In Mama’s Arms

You spend a lot of time in this position. It is one of my favorite ways to hold babies…to hold you. I caught myself in the mirror today and our eyes looked so blue and you looked so content, so I asked Daniel to snap a picture.



Don’t you just love a swaddled baby?

It’s Love

She usually hates pictures, but recently she is making requests for them. The requests always seem to be for a picture of her and August….and it makes my heart smile so big. I think she is smitten; I think it is love.


Swing Time

Daniel took these shots of our two little monkeys recently at a park in Whittier. The swing is a handicap swing, so it is huge, but it sure does make for some fun pictures.


The Reichardts

I met Ruby when she was in her mom’s tummy, but I really got to know Ruby when she was just about this age:

The sweetest little girl I have ever met, she stole my heart right away.

Our friendship started first though, Lydia and I’s. I will never forget that first play […]