Random September

Just a couple sweet captures of August….being a baby…doing his baby things.

5 Months Old

August is 5 months old! Rolling over like a champ!


We were gifted a few free passes to Legoland for the day. We discovered a few rides, did the splash pad, raced some Lego cars, the kids oooed and ahhhhed at all the cool Lego creations, and generally had a pretty great day! Especially fun to be on someone else’s dime so we didn’t feel […]

Waffles with Ranch Dressing

This kid LOVES ranch dressing. And ranch dressing is pretty great, but everyone has limits. Except Sebastian. No limit to what ranch dressing goes on.

I think that this day will go down in history.

Dear Dayla| Love, Your Proud Mama

Dayla, today we were at a birthday party and the party favors were little stuffed monster dolls. Your brother was too busy to come get one, so you took it upon yourself to get him one. You told me that you knew he would regret not taking one after the party was over. You told […]

Country Fair

Every year Dayla’s school does a “Country Fair”. They have a cake walk, some blow up slides, some booths with crafts, music, a person who does balloon animals, a person who does face painting, and lots of booths with kid level carnival games. It is all totally affordable and pretty much has everything at it […]

New Chicken Coop

When our neighbor’s dog got our chickens last May, the chicken coop got destroyed. In a strange way it was a blessing, because it gave us the excuse we needed to build the coop that we wanted. After having our first coop for years, we knew it’s strengths and weaknesses, and couldn’t help but long […]