Life In November

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the month of November. Starting of course with the coolest princess birthday party we have ever been to.

Followed up with a shot of me on the job…

However, nothing out-does these next pictures. The next few pictures capture some of those […]

Pulling Up

Somebody is pulling up. Just before his 7 month birthday. You are a rock star Mr. Man.


We got a membership to the zoo this year! It has been a few years now since we have had a membership…so our first day back we took it slow and enjoyed a only few exhibits. The best part about having a pass is not feeling the need to “fit it all in”. We only […]


Daniel and I have had a hankering to go out hiking more with our kids. Some perfectly sunny days this week and last week led to two very fun little adventures.

To the water tower behind our house:

Around Poway Lake:

(some random bananas we found on […]

Daisy Girl Scout

You will never guess who became a Daisy Girl Scout this year.

Ironing patches on a vest….gave me plenty of flashbacks.

I just hope she loves Girl Scouts as much as I did!

Sebastian Turns 3


We officially call you that now, Bash, and you seem to like it. But it is hard to say with you because you are such an easy-going little guy.

Bash, you are 3 today. You never hit your terrible 2’s. (Although you DID refuse to wear your Halloween costume this year). For the most […]