I can’t believe how long it has been since I made a fort for the kids; too long! I know it has been a long time because I used to only use the couch and chairs and blankets, but now Dayla is so tall that she didn’t fit in it any more. I had to […]

Shoe Games

We keep all of our shoes by the front door. When I saw the game that captured Sebastian’s attention for a full hour, my only thought was, “How did this never happen before!?!”

He made all sorts of shapes and paths and patterns with the shoes. Organizing and re-organizing. The one below was his […]

Candy Cane Lane

When we moved to Poway 4 years ago we found that there were a lot of fun neighborhood Christmas activities here. I think we have tried them all now, and there is one that we keep doing every year, one that seems to keep drifting to the top of the list as a favorite: “Candy […]

My View

This is my view so many days of the week. I just don’t want to forget about these precious days.

Toilet Paper Discovered

I think every baby has the moment they discover the joy of toilet paper.

Today was August’s.


Papa’s Jacket

I think we got this same shot with each of our other two kids. They might have been a bit younger though.

August Dedicated

As a Catholic I was baptized. As a Christian we dedicate our children to the Lord.

Really, for me anyway, the idea is to stand before a group of peers and the Lord and promise to do your best….to promise to teach your children about God….to share your faith with them….and pray for them […]

7 Month Photo Shoot

The age 6-9 months is my favorite age to take pictures of babies. They are cute, squishy, and pretty much adorable little dolls. I always tell parents that it is the “magazine baby age” and that it is definitely one to capture.

When Sebastian was 6 months old I did a little photo shoot with […]