Just some random pictures from life around here. January at our house.

I look at these pictures and smile. I sure do love my little family.


Goodbye Binky Pillow

When I was a kid, I was a blanket kid. I had a blue blanket that I took everywhere with me…until it became a grey blanket…until it became grey shreds…and then I took a shred everywhere with me. I still have that shred tucked away in a box somewhere.

Fast forward twenty years or so. […]

9 Months Old

The happiest, smiliest, fluffiest baby in the world! We love you little August!

First Eggs

Our third set of chickens are now about 8 months old (our first and second set of chickens got eaten by our neighbors dog, but that is another story).

This week we got our first couple of eggs from them…which means we (hopefully) are back to having fresh eggs again! YAY!


Here is […]

Teepee Version 2.0

Sebastian and Dayla have taken to looking at the pictures on our wall recently. There is one that always seems to draw Sebastian’s attention.

He asks about the teepee. What it is. Why Dayla is in it. Where it is now. “Can I go in the teepee mom?”

The other day when we […]


The zoo in January is just about as perfect as it gets. No crowds and amazing sunny weather.

We checked out the new elephant exhibit today. It is new since the last time we had a pass…and they did a GREAT JOB. What a fun exhibit! The kids especially had fun with the fake […]

Neighbors and Bananas

It has been crazy having our neighbors always at our house, but I love it too. I love being a part of their lives and watching them grow up. When we moved in, Adam was younger than Sebastian is now, and this year he went to Kindergarten. Crazy.

We got new neighbors this year back […]

Bath Time

This is what bath time looks like around our house these days.

Home Depot

The other day Daniel took the kids to Home Depot with him and came home with these pictures on his phone. I don’t know exactly what was going on…but I love that Daniel is so great at making even a Home Depot trip a silly and fun time for the kids.



Christmas 2014

The last 3 years we have made a point to have a Christmas celebration of some kind with just us and the kids. I love it for so many reasons.

This year was August’s first Christmas. He loved the wrapping paper the most. Sebastian’s big gift from us was a trampoline. A huge hit. […]