Camping at William Heise |Mother’s Day Weekend 2015

The conditions were probably the worst I could imagine. The temperature was in the 30’s, the wind was icy, it was raining the whole drive up the mountain, and when we got to the campsite the ranger mentioned that it might snow during the night. The map by the ranger station suggested that each and […]

A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

I just opened up our photo folder on the computer and found these gems. I wasn’t there taking these pictures so I don’t know the story exactly, but it feels like these pictures have enough story in them to stand alone.

Dayla is truly the world’s best big sister. That I know.


Cousin Friends

For years we had bible study together on a weekly basis. We went from couples with no kids, to pregnant, to now we all have 3 or more. We don’t get to see each other as often as we used to when we had bible study all together on a weekly basis, we have all […]

Garden 2015

Daniel and I both commented the other day that this is our favorite time of year in our garden. Everything is planted. Hopes for a great summer harvest are high.

Sleeping Bag

We got a new sleeping bag in the mail today for our upcoming camping trip. Someone knew exactly what to do with it.