Swim Class with Sebastian

In July we took Dayla to swim class at our local community center. She was a total rockstar and did amazing in her class!

Sebastian seemed beyond not interested in joining any kind of swim class…that was until the last day of Dayla’s class when he watched his sister jump off the diving board […]

Life Around Here

Just a little bit of our life…


Today is the day that I realized there are angels watching over my kids.

August woke up from nap, pulled down a mirror in our room, climbed out of the pack n play, and was playing with the broken pieces of glass when I walked in the room. We never heard a crash. We […]

First Haircut

Okay, I think this might have been his second or third haircut….but it was the first one done by a real hairstylist in a Salon (instead of mom).

I already miss his long hair.


Did I mention before that his first word was “up?” I did. Oh yes.


This is how August does yogurt.


There is a field right by Dayla’s school that I love to watch through the seasons. This year when they cut down the grass they bailed it up. I just couldn’t resist the urge to go and check it out with the boys.






Today Bash graduated from “Kids Haircut” place (which charges $25 for a cut) to a barber shop (for $8 per cut)! Yay! He didn’t love it…but he was a total trooper.



He is Our First Kid To Do This