Orange Juice

When Paula and Jenon came to visit us, they brought a large sack of home grown oranges. The boys were super excited about the idea of making homemade orange juice.


They were surprised how little was yielded after so much work. They were also surprised by the pulp. Although they weren’t […]

More Swings

Just loving the swings recently…

Cart Pictures 2016

Daniel has this habit of taking a picture of the kids on the cart when he goes shopping with them. I don’t know if it is every time? All I know is that I see these cart pictures appear on the computer.

At first I thought it was strange, but now I feel like it […]

Beanie Boo

Dayla has started her first collection. I remember wanting to collect things as a kid….and since up to this point in her life she hasn’t been obsessed with anything….I will confess that it is fun to let it run a bit wild.

She got her first “beanie boo” a few years ago from her […]

Sad Face August

Our happy guy heard the news that he is almost two years old…and so he found his pout-y face this last week. Tantrums too. Ah….two. Glad you last only a year.


This guy loves the swings. I love his laugh… and his hair….and him….so much.

Bash Is Good At

Today at church in Sunday school class they talked about how God makes each of us unique and that we are precious in His sight….and followed that up with the conversation of what they are each good at. This was Sebastian’s art work.

It reads: “Good at coloring, good at jumping, a good […]

Petco Office

The kids love visiting the new office.

It is pretty great. We have free cookies.

Dad Weekend

I had the gift of slipping away to a retreat this last weekend. I love getting spiritually fed, talking about God for hours and hours on end, and being with girlfriends. What I love more than all that though is that Daniel makes amazing memories with our kids when I am gone.


Eating Greens

I am growing micro greens indoors. Sebastian says he likes them as long as he can dip them in brown sugar.

To be honest, he covered the mirco green in brown sugar, put it in his mouth, and then spit it into the trash can. He asked me if he could just eat the […]