Life-February 2016

There are already a lot of posts this month, but I just can’t resist these random little pictures that show our life.


Sebastian Goes Bowling

For the first time this last January our church decided to host an event as a thank you to all the volunteers. The event? A night of free video games and free bowling at a place called Nickel City. Well, we have never done Nickel City with the kids before and, as you can imagine, […]

Kid Table

I read the other day that August is at the age where he wants to feel like a big kid (This is for sure true. I can see it in everything he does.) The article went on to say that one of the things that your little 21 month old might really enjoy is to […]


Sebastian got a scooter for Christmas this year. He didn’t ask for it….we just had a feeling he would love it.

He didn’t touch it for a whole month and we feared we were wrong. Then one day he went for it.

Now it is every day. And he is rocking it.


Homework at the Park

This week has been an 80 degree week in February. Unusually beautiful.

It seemed like a good week to go out to ice cream. Our ice cream date led to a park outing….which is fine by me because most days it seems I have to beg the kids to go outside.

When we […]

New Chick Plus August

Someone got to hang with a new chick today for the first time.

New Chicks

Daniel took the 3 kids on a little surprise date this morning….and let me sleep in. (It was awesome.)


When I woke up, I woke up to a chirpy little surprise. Spring on the horizon means new chicks in the Sundin house again.

Meet the new girls: peach, stormy, castaway, lightning, […]

Fire Fighter

Someone found his older brother’s fireman costume.

Daddy’s Retreat Weekend

Once a year Daniel and all of the guy friends from our old church (our old “young married’s bible study class”) get together to do a retreat weekend. It is a great time to reconnect, talk about God, and of course get in some game time without kids.

I have been really […]


The day we taught the kids the game “sardines”