Life-March 2016

Life around the Sundin house this March.






Helper Bash

I don’t know what bug got into Sebastian, but this month we found ourselves with a little man who kept asking, “Can I do that for you?” or “Can I help?” It was just as awesome as the pictures make it seem.


Halloween in March

It is March. Sebastian asked how close Halloween was to March. I explained. And explained. After days of explaining that Halloween is NOT close to March, he seemed to accept the matter. Then after days had passed, out of the blue he asked if I could please make a sign for our front door….to let […]

Sea World

I LOVE Sea World. We just took the kids for the first time this year. They are all at a really good age for it. August loves to see EVERYTHING. It is super cute. Bash is learning all about animals and absolutely delights in getting to see them in real life. Dayla is now at […]