April Life

Just our life in pictures:


2nd Grade Zoo Field Trip

I don’t often get to go on field trips with Dayla, so I was really excited when it worked out this year for me to go. 2nd graders get a special presentation in a back room at the San Diego Zoo, which was a lot of fun, but the highlight for me was getting to […]

August Turns 2

We don’t do birthday parties until 5 years old…but we couldn’t pass up celebrating August’s 2nd birthday. This year we were lucky enough to have Nana and Grandpa in town for August’s birthday again…so a low key family celebration was the perfect answer.

August had been asking for his “own backpack” like his brother […]

Nana and Grandpa Visit 2016

We always love when Nana and Grandpa visit. The kids look forward to it for weeks. Daniel and I love thinking of new things to do with them each year. It is always a sweet time.

This year we have passes to Sea World, so for one of our adventures we went there! Here […]

Bash’s Cards

Sebastian just recently got into the idea of drawing pictures and cards for people (mostly dad). I love watching his generosity blossom as he learns the joy of giving what he can! He is so sweet and so excited about it…you just got to love it.


Passover 2016

One of my favorite things to do for the kids is to make bible stories real. Maybe because I feel like my faith changed a lot when I started seeing bible stories as history instead of “just stories”. Or maybe because the thing that stuck with me more than anything in Catholic school was when […]


Rain still is, and probably every year will be, amazing to our children. It just doesn’t come very often so they don’t know how to behave in it. And to be fair, Daniel and I embrace that they act crazy in it….because it doesn’t come often. See below.


August wanted to splash in […]