Step Two: Dayla’s Room

Letting our girl get her own room was such an interesting process. Daniel and I were both transported back to the years we got to get our own rooms as teens. We remembered how our parents lovingly let us have some choices, but did not let us be dictators, as it was THEIR house. We […]

Food Bank Field Trip

Dayla’s Girl Scout troop took a field trip to San Diego Food bank and I had the pleasure of getting to tag along. I was amazed! I wish I could remember all the numbers they gave us…but did you know that about 85% of the cans donated to the food bank are already expired? Although […]

Little Bits of August

Just a few little bits I love about August….his daring personality…his long hair…his outgoing nature that has him hugging a random little girl at Mc Donald’s…and his baking with his momma.

Love this little man.


Cart Photos

In my camera feed of pictures, there are two types of pictures that pop up all the time. One of them is “wish list pictures” and the other is “cart pictures”.

It seems that almost every time Daniel takes the kids on an errand, he takes a picture of them in the cart. At first […]

Drill Press

Helping dad with the drill press. What makes it even more fun is that the drill press was Sebastian’s great grandpa’s….(Grandpa Vic). Many generations of wood-working men.


Aunt Nicole Visits

This month started with the funeral of my Aunt Patsy. However instead of a sadness for our loss, it truly WAS a celebration of her incredible life. I learned that she became a Christian several years ago, and that she continued to travel with Uncle Ken all through her 80’s. On her 88 birthday she […]

Step One: Living Room Re-do

We didn’t want to mark it with a date or a birthday, but knew that the day that Dayla should have her own room would somehow naturally present itself organically. The beginning of this year it did. So we started the plans of how we would move my office and all the things in it…which […]