Life in August


Dayla’s 10th Birthday Party

This year I asked Dayla if she wanted to go somewhere (like Nickle City or Pump it UP) for her party like her friends get to do. She said to me, “But mom, you throw such amazing parties! I want to do my party at home!” I was flattered right into another over-the-top birthday party […]

Back to School

This year Dayla is entering 4th grade with Mrs. Ensberg Sebastian is entering Kindergarten with Mrs. Whitacre and Mrs. Keeton

First Day of School Photos:



A fun Pop Art Portrait Dayla did of herself for back to school night:


Dayla Turns 10

Dayla, you turned 10 this year. This feels so big; double digits. You are now more than halfway through your years and life at home with us. The years of your dad and I giving training and guidance are shorter now…and we need to open our hands more and more as you start to stretch […]

Northern California Cousins Visit

We don’t get much time with the Northern Californian cousins and it always makes me a little sad, but I know that is life.

BUT…Suzanne’s family came to visit Southern California and we got to spend and few hours with them!! Seeing all the cousins get along…that makes me so so so happy! It was […]

Work Trip

Every year Daniel has to take a work trip for about 10 days in August. Every year it makes me:

1. Glad he doesn’t have to travel all the time for work

2. Glad to be married


This year I did something I have never done before. I decided to take Grandma and Daddy’s […]