I don’t know what hit Sebastian recently, but MAN has he developed a crazy LOVE for games.

When I first met Daniel’s family they asked if I liked to play games. I didn’t know how to answer. As a youngest who often found myself asking my siblings, “Will you play a game with me” and […]

Pity Party

When I say no to something he wants, he sits on the curb and refuses to make eye contact. I am so glad he isn’t looking, because I can’t help but smile. Cutest pity party ever.


Our House

When we first bought this house 7 years ago I didn’t love the house paint on the outside, but it was only a couple years old so it just didn’t make financial sense to change it. I loved the red door, but just not the tone of the red (pink-ish maroon).

My logical side put […]

Cousin Time!

Hanging with the cousins on Labor Day weekend. Life is good.