And Meatball the 3rd’s Name Will Be…

Ginette and I put a lot of thought into our kids’ names. Some would (accurately) say too much thought. I’m talking multiple meetings, collaborative spreadsheets, naming “rules”, etc. Look, it’s a BIG  DEAL naming a kid alright?

So what are we naming baby Sundin #3? After much consideration we’re going with…

August Milton Sundin

Yup. Read it again. Mull it over. We certainly did.

So why August Milton?

Well August was on our short list when we were deciding on a name for Sebastian a few years ago so we decided to revisit it.

Like Dayla and Sebastian, August is not a super popular name. It peaked in the 1880’s but has seen a slight comeback lately.

As a comparison Sebastian was the 64th most popular boy’s name in 2012. It’s been on steady climb for the the past three decades after languishing in prissy security for a century.

Sebastian Graph

August was a rock star name way back in the day and has sort of made a come back but still only ranked at #333 in US boy name popularity in 2012.

August Graph

Another interesting “August” fact is that it means venerable (distinguished, great) which is the same meaning as Sebastian. In fact, both names come from the same root, just in different languages. Sebastian traces back to the Greek word for venerable, while August is a Latin word.

Sebastian Meaning

Finally, August has always been an important month for us. It’s the birthday month for me, Dayla, Simon (brother-in-law), Alex (brother’s fiancée), and my Grandma. It’s also the month Ginette and I were married.

Milton and his staplerSo why Milton for the middle name? I’ll tell you we really considered it as a first name but we don’t think we’re cool enough to pull it off. If we were more hipster parents we would have totally done it.

The name Milton has been on a death spiral since 1910. It fell out of the top 1000 list soon after Office Space came out and introduced us to THIS Milton and his red Swingline stapler.

The main reason we chose Milton is because it has strong family ties for both Ginette and me.

Milton was the first name of Ginette’s grandpa (Milton Roesner), the middle name of my dad (Steve Milton Sundin), and the first name of my grandpa (Milton Victor Sundin) and great grandpa (Milton Carl Sundin). Not only did all these men share a name, they were also respectable men, men we are proud to name our son after.

Sundin Homes Sign

Swedish Name_Popularity One last little tidbit. August’s great, great grandpa, Milton Carl Sundin, emigrated from Sweden in the late 1800’s. This was right around the time the name August peaked in the United States. However August has stayed  perennially popular in Sweden. In fact, August and Sebastian are close together in rankings for Swedish boy names in 2012.

We can’t wait to meet August in just a couple weeks.