The Perfect Storm

Daniel is the photographer for a big corporate event this week, an event that he needed to rent some camera gear for. Of course, if you know us at all, you will know that Daniel chose to rent some pretty great gear.

Now the night he brought the camera home to pack for his trip, I was pretty grumpy. Headache and hard day. Then he flashed the camera before my eyes and my heart lept a little bit. I asked if I could take a couple shots. Before I knew it, I was shooting away and I didn’t remember about my headache or my bad mood; I had a camera in my hands!

That is not all though. What happened next is the real show stopper….the perfect storm I call it.

All of a sudden, as I was shooting away, something began to happen all around me. The sky softened, the light became perfect right before my eyes…. AND THEN….BOTH my kids were excited to have their pictures taken!!! THIS NEVER HAPPENS HERE AT OUR HOUSE! If you know my Dayla, you KNOW this is a true miracle.

It was the perfect storm. So I did what any photographer mother would do….

You see, this is where it all started. Innocent and simple.

[So glad I caught one of her real smiles…]

Then when I saw it was all coming together into the perfect storm, I ran at lightning speed, grabbed this bucket I have had sitting in the attic, and filled it up with water in record time. This is a series I have always wanted to do with my kids…and IT HAPPENED. I am on cloud nine.

If I never get another picture of my two kids, I will still be happy. Praise God for perfect storms and small miracles. 😉