Easter 2018

Every year I want to make a big deal out of Easter. Two reasons.

1. It is indeed the holiday that my faith rests on. No resurrection means Jesus was just a man, or a prophet at best. The resurrection is the one event that solidifies he deity…and that matters because if Jesus is indeed God, well it leads to so many more things.

2. It was my favorite holiday growing up. The spring flowers, the amazing See’s candy that my mom filled my basket with, the egg hunt, the delicious lamb my parents would splurge on, the bunny cake my Grammie brought over, the sugar eggs my mom would set up for us to gaze into…it was all magical and warm and perfect.

Easter is interesting because in my quest to make it “perfect” or “a big deal” it has morphed over the years. I just want to share my love of it…and each year it always goes down very differently from how I imagine it is going to go down…but each year it is perfect in it’s own way. This year we are part of a new church, our first day opening was Easter Sunday, so Easter celebrations at home were quiet.

So this year was simple: an egg hunt with the neighbors, candy, and the one fact that Jesus did indeed rise. If you doubt the last part, don’t be afraid to look into the historical. Many witnessed it. Historians verify the validity of those witnesses. So we don’t have to take a “leap of faith” as much as we can use our brains and our logic and come to a conclusion that indeed Jesus was truly God as he claimed to be. So we celebrate that, as well as celebrating that the rest of the things that Jesus said were probably true too. Celebrate because he made some pretty cool claims, that in my opinion are totally worth a read. 😉

Happy Easter. 🙂

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Sebastian’s 6th Birthday Party

Sebastian for your 6th birthday you wanted a Pokemon party so I made a “Pokemon Training Camp”. We spent some time having everyone go through “training exercises” so you all could be “pokemon trainers” by the end of the party. We collected badges at each training station (ball roll, water balloon toss, and coloring pokemon to get to learn their names)…and everyone was ready to get their pokeball by the end of the party!

We also had monster ice cream cake and yummy snacks…and most importantly we all had lots of fun!
Happy 6th Birthday Sebastian!


















Sebastian Turns 6

Sebastian is 6 years old. So much has changed with him in this last year. To our delight, his words and stories are always filling our home. Sebastian is sweet, kind, and incredibly friendly to everyone he meets. His classmates and teachers love him and he loves school. On the home front, he has started to flex his independence, his own opinions, and his own interests. As much as it was easier to have a boy before that just did everything that everyone else wanted him to, I love seeing him come into the person God made him to be! God doesn’t want any of us to be a mirror or a robot…we are each created uniquely and for a purpose…and I am so glad that Sebastian is starting to see this and come into himself. He is an amazing reader (can read books meant for 2nd graders!) and can even do some multiplication while most kids his age don’t yet add. Yet he doesn’t seem to know or care that he is excelling in school. He love recess, playing soccer, and making friends more than he loves to know all the answers. He loves to tell you stories. He loves to dance. He is our best at trying new food, although he still really only likes bread based foods. 😉 He LOVES LOVES LOVES games….board games, card games, checkers, connect four, and yes video games. He also loves Pokemon and has started quite the collection! He doesn’t like photos…but will stand for one.


We love our oldest boy so much! We are so grateful for the gift God gave us in him…and can’t wait to see how God will grow this little boy! Happy 6th Birthday Sebastian! We love you!


I don’t know what hit Sebastian recently, but MAN has he developed a crazy LOVE for games.

When I first met Daniel’s family they asked if I liked to play games.  I didn’t know how to answer.  As a youngest who often found myself asking my siblings, “Will you play a game with me” and never getting a affirmative…I didn’t really know if I liked to play games.  “Don’t worry, we will teach you,”  they said.

Quickly I was hooked.  I was so enamored by the fact that he had a family that all played games together….as a whole family…this pretty much seemed like the holy grail to me.  I dreamed of having that same kind of love for games and bonding with my kids.

Today is that day.

Recently Sebastian has really taken to games….every kind.  Board games, card games, pretty much any game you can imagine.  We usually play several each day.  He is 5 and he can play games 8+ (thank God, because games get way more interesting when they are 8+) and in all honesty, he can pick them up faster then most adults we have taught.  It is a fun way to teach him math and reading as well as critical thinking!  (We are still working on good sportsmanship)

I don’t know if this will be a forever thing, but we are sure loving this new stage having game playing kids!
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Dayla’s 10th Birthday Party

This year I asked Dayla if she wanted to go somewhere (like Nickle City or Pump it UP) for her party like her friends get to do. She said to me, “But mom, you throw such amazing parties! I want to do my party at home!” I was flattered right into another over-the-top birthday party theme for my sweet Dayla girl.

For Dayla’s birthday party this year she asked for an emoji theme. I wasn’t sure what games could be emoji, or what activities we could do in that theme, or even what food we could eat in that theme…but I always say that I like a challenge!

We came up with some emoji pops (oreos dipped in yellow chocolate), an emoji birthday cake, and an emoji scavenger hunt.

The crown jewel of the party though was the photo booth! I made a background by taping some yellow plates on our wall, Dayla made all the props (that made people look like emoji faces), and then Daniel set up the tripod and snapped away. Instant photo booth! The kids LOVED this activity! We printed up the photos with one hour and photo and got to send them all home with personalized party favors. It was a hit for sure.

That wasn’t all! The party didn’t end at 5pm…for Dayla’s big 10 year old party we let her have all 12 girls spend the night! Phew!

All in all everyone had so much fun and the party was a big hit.