Baby Names

I was sitting in church on Sunday and our pastor was discussing a verse in 1 Chronicles. After reading the verse in my bible I wandered back to the first chapter of the book. How is awesome is the bible for baby naming? I’m not talking about Matthew, Mark, Luke John, Daniel, or any of the other popular names. I’m talking about the really bizarre names that sound like bosses in World of Warcraft.
Here are my Top 8 favorite baby names taken from 1 Chronicles Chapter 1:

  1. Ham
  2. Magog
  3. Ashkenaz
  4. Arphaxad
  5. Uz
  6. Hazarmaveth
  7. Zibeon
  8. Aiah

Why Baby Meatball?

So, it is possible that when you saw our website, your first thought was “baby meatball?”. It is my pleasure to explain.
It is funny how in the English language there is no pronoun for a non-sexed item besides “it”. And I think most people would agree that when you first find out you are pregnant, you want to talk to the baby and refer to it as something…but “it” just doesn’t seem eloquent enough. Thus began a quite long discussion that Daniel and I had about what to call the baby before we know what the sex is.
Contrary to what you may think, this discussion was very arduous and honestly quite lengthy. First, we had to agree. We also didn’t want it to be a name that was common (i.e. peanut, pea, bean, and bun). We wanted it to be a name that was unique to the first baby Sundin. Third, it had to be easy to say…easy to roll off the tongue. And so the discussions began. Our first strategy was to look at what the fetus looked like in the ultrasound. Alien (Marty the Martin) was discussed at length…but didn’t sit well with me. Then came other suggestions… sunny (for Sundin), baby Sundin (BS for short doesn’t work well), Sammy B (Daniel has had every pet named Sammy…was it time to add a Sammy Baby to the list?) lima bean, egg etc. Nothing quite fit the bill.
Then one night I got to thinking about Daniel and his love for his Swedish heritage. I honestly have never met a Caucasian American who is so vocally proud about part of his heritage. Whether it be the pride of his Volvo, him telling me of his dad’s famous Swedish pancakes, or the fact that our whole apartment happens to be furnished in both cheap (Ikea) and expensive (Scan) Swedish furniture…this has been a quirk of Daniel’s that I definitely love. Thinking of all this I was reminded how my sister Suzanne and her Italian husband John took to calling their baby “baby tortellini”…and I thought….Swedish foods? Meatballs of course! I said it out loud…and it stuck!
So there you have it. I have a little tiny Swedish meatball slowly cooking away in my belly. You can call me a crock pot if you want…I don’t mind. I am just so excited for when the timer goes off and the meatball is done! 🙂