20 Weeks

When Daniel and I announced that we were pregnant at our Young Married’s church group several weeks ago, three other couples all announced that they were expecting too. (we are all due within one week of each other). One of the most fun things for me is seeing how pregnancy is affecting us all completely differently. When we talk I constantly realize what a miracle God is performing in our bodies each day…and how each body is handling it in a completely unique and beautiful way.
So here I am at 20 weeks. Others have told me they are jealous I am not showing very much yet, and I am jealous of the others who look pregnant. But I suppose all in all it is just the way God wants our bodies to be! 🙂

Miss Meatball Says Hi!

It’s a girl!
We found at the sex at our sonogram appointment yesterday. The technician checked twice (at my request). I am very, very excited to have a daughter but wanted to be extra sure it WAS a daughter so I don’t have to clothe my son in dresses for the first 6 months. Honestly I just had to take the technician’s word for it because I really had no idea what I was looking at most of the time. Some of the features, such as the hands and feet, were clearly visible. She zoomed in and out so fast with the sonogram machine that I kept getting confused at what I was seeing. At one moment I thought I was looking at Meatball’s head and then found out it was actually a zoomed in view of her kidney.
This is the first granddaughter on the Sundin side of the family. Everyone is very excited. My grandma is especially excited to meet her first great-granddaughter.
The Senasacs were convinced Meatball was going to be a girl. Ginette is the youngest of 7 kids. The birth order was boy, girl, boy, girl, girl, girl, girl (Ginette). Currently there are 6 grandchildren in the family. The birth order of the grandchildren has followed this same trend exactly going boy, girl, boy, girl, girl, girl… If Meatball turned out to be a boy the chain would have been broken.
All the pressure is off for future grandchildren now that the prophecy has been fulfilled.


Click the above picture to see the rest of the sonogram images.

Mixed Use

It looks like Meatball’s room is going to be an office/nursery for at least a little while. In a sub-800 sq. ft. 2-bedroom apartment your options are limited. We will probably get rid of the second desk and make one combined computer nerd/craft nerd station. This leaves us with space (we think) for a changing table/drawer unit, crib, and comfy chair. To map this out we used the most high tech tools available to us: a tape measure and Excel. You can see our results below. It certainly isn’t scale blueprints but it’s a start.

Current Configuration (Pre-Meatball)
Current Configuration

Possible Configuration (Post-Meatball)
Possible Configuration

Am I Excited?

Just a heads up for all of you who have never been pregnant…the most common response to “I am pregnant” is “Are you excited?”. I will be honest; at first I thought this was a ridiculous question. Of course I am excited! Ecstatic…overwhelmed… overjoyed…a little scared…but definietly excited. Now I have realized that it is the polite way to say “were you planning?” Which I think is also a strange question. I don’t think people used to ask that in my parents day…quite a personal question I think. Don’t get me wrong…I am in no way offended by either of these questions; they just strike me as a bit strange. I always wonder how these things came to be. So that said…Daniel and I are excited and I think it was God planning it more then me. 🙂
Here is a picture of me…excited…at 14 weeks. Not showing too much yet, although I hear that it is in the near future. Stay tuned for more pictures of me when I get nice a fat!