Babymoon Day 3 (Part 2 – The Wedding)

The wedding was as beautiful as Danielle hoped. Amazingly, the ever-present Canada drizzle cleared up and we had a full day of sun on Saturday. The ceremony was held outdoors in the Hatley Castle Italian Gardens. It really was a fairy tale wedding.

A peacock that was roaming the grounds

Wedding flowers

A front view of Hatley Castle

View from the front door of the castle

The cake

Niece Gianna

Niece Madeleine

The bridesmaids

At the altar

Cutting the cake

Babymoon Day 3

Canada is weird.

Weird, but in a good way. The gold coin is $1 (a loonie), and the silver/gold coin is $2 (a twonie). I am all for killing $1 bills in the US. It is nice to have coins with actual value.

A quarter to use a shopping cart? I don’t get it.

I looked and looked but I couldn’t find the hetero milk. I tried to get a picture of my brother-in-law John holding one of these cartons up but he wouldn’t go for it.

Babymoon Day 2

I got a little snap happy today and took about 150 pictures. I whittled it down to a few of my favorites and posted them below.
I won’t bore you will all details of our day but here are a few keywords: last-minute wedding tasks, rehearsal, greeeeeen, drizzly.

The most “house” looking houseboats I have ever seen

The waterway right outside our hotel is a runway for seaplanes

Our hotel

Tulips at Hatley Castle

More tulips

Right after I took this picture this statue totally came to life and started chasing me around the castle grounds. Scouts honor.

Hatley Castle

The Lertora family: John, Suzanne, and Gianna

A nephew from Greg’s side of the family

The bridesmaids at rehearsal

Dad Senasac and Danielle

Gianna getting a treat

The happy couple


Babymoon Day 1

Beth picked us up this morning at 4:30am sharp for our “Babymoon” vacation. Theoretically this will be the last vacation for a while with just the two of us. We will be spending 4 days in Victoria, Canada and 5 days in Seattle. Much of our Victoria time will be spent with Ginette’s family since her next oldest sister, Danielle, is getting married Saturday. I have my laptop and all my other toys with me so I will post as the mood strikes me.
Right now it is 2:30pm and I am sitting in our room at the Laurel Point Inn with a killer view of downtown Victoria. Here are my first keyword impressions of Canada: gray, wet, green, litre?, kilometer?, white people.
Everything is the same in Canada except for the little differences. Per Quentin, a good way to compare countries is to review their burgers. In the Canadian Red Robin I found they don’t put processed American cheese on their burgers. They top them with, you guessed it, processed Canadian cheese. Except for the name I can’t possibly imagine there is a difference.

Propellers? Really? They still use these?

View from our hotel balcony

Sleepy G