And her name will be…

Dayla Marie Sundin

What is in a name?
When thinking of what to name your child the criteria for the perfect name seems like it could be endless. Every person I talk to seems to have different thoughts on what those criteria should be. I wish that I could write that for us it was different. I wish I could say that this was the perfect name and it just “came to us”, but the truth is that picking a name for a wonderful person you have not met yet is not an easy process. There was much deliberation involved. Well, “how did this one win?” you might ask? We liked it…it matched our criteria….and when saying it out loud it was the only name that seemed right.
A little more history…
“Dayla” is Hebrew in origin. Not biblical…but a cool Hebrew name we stumbled across when looking up biblical names. It is not a common name that most people have ever heard. Yet it is easy to say when you read it and hopefully for most people, easy to spell.
Her middle name is my (Ginette’s) middle name. My sister Suzanne told me when I first found out I was pregnant, that I was the 7th child in my family having the 7th grandchild. The coincidence does not stop there. The 7 grandchildren have gone in the exact same sex order as the 7 children. (so it was meant to be that our baby would be a girl!). Giving her my middle name just seemed like a neat way to pay homage to the Senasac family.
There you have it…no need to share if you don’t like it…we already bought a stone and carved it in. ๐Ÿ™‚

25 Weeks

Here is a picture of me at 25 weeks…although now I am at 27 weeks (6 months).

My tummy is starting to “pop” a little more…and in fact for the first time today I had two people at my work (customers) who didn’t know I was pregnant ask me if I was! This is sooo exciting! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have gotten past the “maybe she is just eating a lot of pastries?” stage! Yay!
It is still so exciting to be pregnant! I am feeling our little girl kick all the time now…and she will even do “the wave” (where you can see my whole stomach tilt from side to side). Unfortunately though, I still have not mastered the ability to get other people to feel her kick. As soon as I feel it I call them over and then she won’t kick again. So the next time I wait until she has kicked 4 times (just to be sure) and then I call them over…and she stops again! I am not sure if she is being a stinker, or if maybe this is just something special that she is still only giving me! ๐Ÿ™‚ But I still can’t believe how much it all amazes me. Daniel has caught me several times just staring at my belly for long periods of time, watching her move about.
What fun! I can’t wait to meet her!

Babymoon Day 7-9

It has been a week since we have been back from our wonderful vacation, but we couldn’t leave you hanging wondering how we spent our last few days.
Day 7
We had another big day on Wednesday. Here are the higlights.

  • Experience Museum Project – The most interesting museum I have ever been to. I was most impressed by the number of things this museum chose not to show. They never claimed to be the definitive record of all things rock and roll. They just picked a few things and did them really well. Particularly interesting was the Hip Hop history exhibit appropriately titled “Yes, Yes, Ya’ll”.
  • SFM
  • – Science Fiction Museum. Ginette’s thoughts: “Really? A whole museum for this?” Daniel’s thoughts: “This is cool. I should read more science fiction.”

  • Olympic Scultpure Park
  • – Brand new to Seattle, this is a cool little park with sculptures decorating a beautiful hillside. We didn’t get to visit all of it due to our movie date though.

  • Big Picture
  • – Okay, I have to talk about this experience. We were attracted to going to this movie theatre because we thought it would be fun to go to a one screen, small, local theatre. At three in the afternoon we walked into the lobby of a restaurant, followed questionable signs reading “Big Picture” down a back set of stairs into a basement only to arrive to one of the coolest movie going experiences. The basement is covered in plush red velvet and bamboo, a full bar to the right, tables and couches to relax in to the left and dim lighting to set the movie theatre mood. We were greeted by a friendly man in a suit and tie, “Are you here for your private screening?” We chatted with the gentleman only to find out that afternoon’s are very slow, but that he would be happy to serve us any beer or cocktails we wanted (and if we wanted refills during the movie he would happily serve us at our seats) and he had also just made a fresh batch of popcorn if we would like to partake. So we grabbed a beer (water for Ginette), popcorn and headed into our very own private screening of “Hot Fuzz”. Just moments later our new friend lit candles to set the mood, made some jokes and started our movie. No previews, no annoying people, just our feet up enjoying a beer in our very own movie theatre. What a cool day.
    Day 8
    The last day in Seattle. We decided to revisit our favorite spots and then end the vacation with a very nice dinner in the top of the Space Needle. We heard that the Space Needle was a fun view and that the food was overpriced…but you’ve got to treat yourself when you are on vacation right? We indulged ourselves with a goat cheese tart appetizer, fancy salad, crab cake, lobster pasta and topped it all off with slice of tiramisu. One amazing view, two hours and $150 later we walked back to our hotel knowing we ended our vacation in just the right way!


    Another sculpture with the Space Needle in the background

    Me with a beer at the movies

    Space Needle

    Badly stitched panorama of Seattle. I took a picture every few minutes during our revolving dinner. (Click the picture for a larger version)

Babymoon Day 6

On Tuesday we visited the refurbished Seattle Cinerama Theater which is across the street from our hotel. The inside of the theater is very classic with lots of red velvet, a large balcony, and 800+ seats. For the 3:30pm showing of Grindhouse there were about 12 patrons.
It wasn’t cramped.
Later that evening we grabbed an awesome dinner at the Cheesecake Factory with one of the many gift cards that Ginette has been hoarding (thanks Erin!). Downtown Seattle is reminiscent of the Gaslamp in San Diego except it is a lot colder and there are a lot more hippies.
After dinner we went to a Bright Eyes concert at the Paramount Theater. The Paramount has a very classic feel with ornately decorated walls and ceiling installations. It was an odd juxtaposition sitting in the balcony of a formal theater for a rock concert while a bunch of screaming teenagers loudly professed their love for the lead singer, Conor.
We enjoyed the concert although I have to admit the acoustics weren’t the best. The slower songs sounded good but the louder numbers were really just a wall of noise. I believe there was just too much happening on the stage. In addition to Conor on guitar (or keyboard) there was an orchestra (2 violins, 2 flutes, and 2 cellos), an electric bass, a steel guitar, another keyboardist (who also occasionally played the trumpet), and 2 punk rock asian chicks on matching, full drum sets.
It was a little overwhelming.
As soon as the concert opened the sky opened up (again) and we had to make a run back to the hotel. Thankfully rainy weather means warmer weather here in Seattle. When the clouds clear out the cold comes in. Yeesh it’s cold.
San Diego better still be warm when we get back.

View of the Cinerama Theater from our hotel balcony.

The Paramount Theater ceiling.

The Paramount Theatee marquee.

Babymoon Day 5

Alright…Ginette here….now that I am relaxed in Seattle I want my turn to talk about our trip!
So day 5 was our first day in Seattle which was really the beginning of our vacation. Time to discover new things and relax. First thing on the agenda was Pikes Place Market. I have heard several stories of how great this place is and the Market did not let me down! We got there with Suzanne, John and Gianna just as the Market was opening. We were there before the swarms of tourists infected the place which not only gave us amazing photos ops, but also made us feel like locals.
Pikes Place has this amazing vibe that is hard to describe and hard to capture on camera. It has a feeling like the farmers markets and piers in San Francisco and other cities I have been to, but lacks in the snobby or frustrated merchants who are there for the money, not the joy. The merchants here are many…one place for cookies, one place for cheese (check out the picture…they make their own cheese!), a place for doughnuts, cheesecake, fish, juice, flowers, fruit, etc. You name it. But every merchant we encountered was very mellow, having fun at their job and of course not afraid to have fun with you!
We started our journey with a pop in to my “mothership”. That’s right. The very first Starbucks. Not too flashy or amazing, but I had a moment of joy and awe when I walked in. Then we got fresh doughnuts (these were phenomenal!), visited the famous Pikes Place Fish Company (they throw fish back and forth to each other. I am not talking about the fish you buy in the grocery store…but really BIG fish), journeyed on to find Daniel’s favorite TV icon, shopped some stores (yum cheese), got some breakfast, visited flowers and fruit and all stands you can imagine and then got pooped…and headed back to our hotel.
What a great beginning to our time in Seattle! I am hoping that we definitely go back one more time to soak it in before we venture home.

Babymoon Day 4

On Sunday we visited the famous Butchart Gardens with Ginette’s parents. Apparently it is like Disneyland for gardeners and Japanese tourists. There were easily a thousand people there and a good 80% of them were non-English speaking Japanese. Go figure.
The flowers and grounds were simply beautiful. It is overwhelming to be hit with so much color. I am not sure how else to describe so I hope the pictures below will do it justice.
Later that day we caught the 5:00pm ferry from Victoria to Seattle. It was a 3 hour tour. Thankfully the weather started getting rough but our hefty ship was far from lost.
It turned into a real party boat since we got to share a table with John, Suzanne, Gianna, Dave (Nicole’s fiancรฉ), and Desley and Caroline (Danielle’s friends). Nothing kills the time like chasing a 15 month old around with wobbly little legs.