We went to an early Halloween party tonight which was, of course, a baby cutefest. Everyone just wanted an excuse to dress up their babies. We went with the classic “pea in a pod” outfit for Dayla and we both dressed as farmers.
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Two Months Old and Growing…

I know that babies change quickly, but when it happens before your eyes it is hard to believe. Here are some of Dayla’s changes in just one month:
One Month/ Two Months
Bonked her head on your shoulder when she was hungry/ Cries when hungry…LOUDLY
Fell asleep when she was tired/ Must be convinced to nap (i.e. rocking…singing..etc)
No drool/ Calling all bibs…drool city is here!
Slept in our room/ Sleeps in her own room in a crib (yay!)
One smile/ One million smiles! (this is the best one!)
One Month

Two Months (look hard, see I’m a little longer!)

Baby Buddies

Before I got pregnant I asked several of my friends and family members if they would be pregnant with me so I would have someone to go through it all with me. None of them said yes that I remember, but apparently God heard my plea. I was blessed enough to have not one, but 4 good friends go through pregnancy with me! ( I guess I prayed harder then I thought). Now the best part is that Dayla has 4 baby buddies to play with!

Babies with Moms

Overalls Make People Smile

We had two firsts today: overalls and catching Dayla’s smile on film.
If you have ever been around me and babies, you know that I grin whenever they wear overalls. My sister Suzanne discovered this when I visited her and her little girl a year ago and I asked everyday if I could dress her in overalls. So today was the first day that Dayla was big enough to wear overalls and it made my whole day!
To top it off, Dayla has been smiling for about two weeks now. They were small at first but now have grown to big smiles and even a coo (like a laugh). Today was the first day that I could catch this smile on film…so overalls must make Dayla smile too.
Dayla showing off her new overalls.

Dayla’s bunny toy makes her happy.

Sleepy Morning

Dayla has gotten into a sleeping routine recently. She starts fussing and eating a lot around 8pm. A1 10:30/11:00 she goes down for the night and stays asleep for a good 5-6 hours. She wakes up at 4 in the morning to eat again. After this feeding she goes back into a fitful sleep where she “talks” most of the time. This always wakes me up. Ginette has been kind enough to spend these last few hours with Dayla in the front room rocking her or letting Dayla suck on her finger. In the process of putting her to sleep Ginette usually falls asleep herself.
This is the picture I see when I wake up most days (including this morning).