Pre-Thanksgiving in Whittier

I took the whole week off work for Thanksgiving this year. We drove up to my parent’s house in Whittier on Saturday and have been enjoying a relaxing time. Tomorrow morning we head up to Paso Robles to see my aunt and then off to Carmel for the traditional Thanksgiving with Ginette’s family.
Here are a few pictures I took this weekend.
An outtake from the Sundin family Christmas picture. Getting 9 people to smile at the same time when 2 of them are babies is amazingly difficult.

James was really excited when he figured out that Dayla would suck on his finger if he stuck in her mouth. He is really fascinated with her and tries his best to be gentle.

Our friend Allison came by with her two boys, Jack and Finn.

James joined Finn in the Bumbo chairs. Guess who is getting a little big.


Dayla, along with 7 other babies, was dedicated at our church on Sunday. I’m not 100% on this, but I think it is a new baby quantity record for the church. Besides the 4 babies we didn’t know, baby Haley, Eleanor, and Tabitha were all up there.
In the picture below you can see Pastor Tim in the foreground. Dayla and I are hidden behind him. Ben, Juli, and Beth are to the right but are cut off.

After the dedication a few of us went to Souplantation. This is a picture Ginette took outside. I like the juxtaposition of the Dad’s height to the babies’.

A Few Meatball Pictures

3 random pictures of our meatball.
She isn’t quite big enough for her Bumbo chair yet. We still like to put her in there though.

Dayla really enjoys her playmat that we borrowed from Simon and Kristy. It affords us a solid 20 minutes of free time while she is entranced. The funny “NEW” shirt was a gift from our friends Nate and Jacklyn. She is finally big enough to fit in it now.

A beautiful, unforced smile.

Lights. Camera. Dayla!

I received a video camera as a birthday present back in August primarily for the purpose of documenting Dayla growing up. We love taking pictures but I wanted to capture her movements and mannerisms. We haven’t been great about using it. I think it is because Dayla doesn’t know all that many “tricks” yet. We think everything she does is terribly cute but we know that is a parents’ perspective.
The below video is a 6-minute compilation of clips we have taken over the last couple months. If you aren’t related to me or Ginette by blood you may find it a little dull. If you ARE related to us by blood… enjoy!